Experience streaming like never before! 

Introducing "Discover" by ZipflixTV, now included in version 4.0. Discover allows you to scroll through thousands of new and old movies and TV shows a like. All thanks to our new infinite scroll feature. See "whats trending" or simply view "Upcoming" new releases that will be ready for you to watch soon. Why not request ahead of time.

ZipflixTV Request 4.0+

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Redesigned Home

ZipflixTV.com is now easier than ever. Manage Requests, Report issues, Track Movie Status' all in one place.

Enhanced Bio

In previous versions we've provided brief descriptions; With the new 4.0 release you now can view trailers, see who stars in the movie; Compare budget vs reality. Lastly view similar and recommended items as well as behind the scenes footage. All this to help make your decision more carefree. 

Night and Day Mode

3.0 Users have been accustom to the old style "Dark Mode". We've added a toggle to swap between our new "Day and Night modes". Makes it Easy on the Eyes!

New Error Reporting

Report right in the request application and get fast response and results!

Active Search

The New Request 4.0 has an active searching function, that predicts what you might be search for. No more guessing the exact spelling, like previous releases have.

AI Movie Predictions

Using Advanced Artificial intelligence, the system will log your previous searches to help you choose movies based on previously made requests. You will find this under "Recommendations" 

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