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Closed Beta Begins!

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

edit: changes coming soon depending on costs for dvr support

It's good news here at ZipflixTV headquarters. Servers are running and data is just flowing at the bit! HA! You may ask why this is such good news? Well our service is about to get that much better! We're in the process of redesigning our movie and streaming platform to support our new TV service. However, in this process we're making great strides to tackle some of the down falls of our previous platform. Currently the service runs off of the Plex Platform and API's. The new system is completely restructured by ZipflixTV with using some code from EMBY API. What does this mean for you?

  1. Faster Logins

  2. Video Previews of new Movies to Release!

  3. Better utilization of our transcoder

  4. Improved error handling

  5. less annoying bloat content PLEX dump down our throats

  6. FREE Mobile Streaming across ALL packages.

  7. 2 new LIVE TV plans!! ZIPFLIXTV 400 (up to 425 Channels) & ZIPFLIXTV 1500 (up to 1509 channels with DVR support) This service has no hidden fees and the pricing never changes!

Right now this service is in a closed Beta. However in the future this will be opened to the public that are at the very least subscribed to "ZipflixTV & Movie" @ $7.49 as a public beta tester. The importance of beta testers is to weed our bugs! Help us!

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