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Day 2 stress test of Improved IPTV Service

It's day 2 of the stress testing LIVE TV. The results are promising. .6% failure rate for crashing compared to the 7.8% that occurred previously. We have noticed some video loops that occur as it attempts to reconnect. This has substantially been reduced from about 26% down to about 8.6% occurrence. We will continue to improve this to deliver the highest quality service available for our customers. Electronic Programing Guide (EPG) is being processed as we speak. We have processed about 100 channels that now have accurate reporting. If you use your IPTV service in the afternoon you may experience a cut out as we update channel layouts and EPG data. refresh the page and within a minute thing will be up and running. Normally on refresh of your page you may be toggled to a different server, so you do not have to wait for your update on your server to be pushed through.

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