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Truth Behind Buffering

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

To all my valued customers out there wondering "why does my channel buffer"?

Question #1

Fiction: This is due to ZipflixTV Servers Being Slow?

Fact: No - The vendors servers for that 1 channel is overwhelmed such as on Sports Channels "NFL Network, RedZone, UFC, Sunday Ticket" and the bandwidth to our company which then gets delivered to our customers appears to be slow.

Question #2

Fiction: I received the following Error when trying to watch tv. This a bad channel and needs to be removed.

Fact: Not necessarily, on rare occasions would this be a bad channel. As stated above this has a lot to do with the vendor being over compacity on that certain channel. We're working with them to try and get them resolved. This is not ZipflixTV Servers by any means. If this was, you would have buffer issues non stop on Movies on Demand as well as TV on Demand

update: while this information is accurate we have determined that the service provider for IPTV is poor and since has been replaced.

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