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Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Great news, now you can! We have just added an update where you can now purchase additional streams for both video on demand (VOD), as well as liveTV streams. Of course, with additional streams for livetv costing more due to contracting costs. the amount of streams range from 1 and 2, all the way to 4 extras streams.

4 Streams:

$17/month for VOD. plans and $45/month for ZipflixTV LiveStream customers.

The 4 extra streams would be added to your current allowed stream limit. If you already have 1, then you would add 4, which would equal 5 total streams.. If you have 2 streams it would be the same. You would add 2 streams and 4, which would equal 6 total streams.

Another great benefit to having 6 total streams, is that you would be put on a private server. No other members would share this with you aside from VOD customers but they have the ability to choose any server for video on demand.

6 Streams is the most you can have on one server for ZipflixTV LiveStream Plans.

8 Streams is the most you can have on a VOD plan. ( which means you can purchase the 4 extra streams twice.

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