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Plex Version Improved Performance and Bug Fixes

We are thrilled to announce the release of Plex version, bringing a range of exciting updates and important bug fixes to enhance your media streaming experience. In this version, we have made significant improvements to both our servers, Plum and Daphnis. Let's dive into the details of what's new and improved.

One of the key updates in this release is the web interface, which has been upgraded to version 4.108.0. This update brings a fresh and user-friendly design, making it even easier for you to navigate and enjoy your media collection.

In addition to the new web interface, we have addressed several important bug fixes. One of the fixes resolves an issue where processing an invalid audio file could cause the scanner to stall and generate excessive log data. With this fix in place, your scanner will work smoothly and efficiently, ensuring a seamless media scanning process.

Furthermore, we have tackled an issue related to low WAN bandwidth streams. Previously, these streams could become starved, causing interruptions in your media playback. With the fix implemented, you can now enjoy uninterrupted streaming, even with very low WAN bandwidth.

We've also improved the performance of smart collections during startup. Previously, refreshing item counts for smart collections could block other operations, causing delays. This has been addressed, ensuring that your smart collections load quickly and efficiently.

Another important fix is related to the Advanced Filter for Editions in the library. Some users reported unexpected results when using this filter. We have rectified the issue, and now the filter will provide accurate and expected results, allowing you to organize your library more effectively.

Additionally, we have resolved an issue where items with EPG data could lose certain metadata fields. This fix ensures that all your metadata remains intact, providing a comprehensive and accurate media library.

For users with older Intel GPUs on Linux, we have fixed a problem where hardware transcoding could fail to be utilized. With this fix, hardware transcoding will now work seamlessly, leveraging the full potential of your Intel GPU.

Lastly, on the Windows platform, we have addressed a potential vulnerability that could allow an unprivileged user to delete or overwrite files during the updater process. This fix ensures that your files remain secure and protected.

We hope these updates and bug fixes will enhance your Plex experience, making media streaming even more enjoyable and reliable. Don't forget to update your Plex servers to version to take advantage of these improvements. Happy streaming!

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